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From company-wide keynotes, to leadership training, to small-group strategic action sessions, Doneisha's keynotes are customizable, relevant, and action-oriented. She’ll sit with you, taking the time to discover the nuances of your organization, ensuring that her speech is tailor-made for your audience.

Doneisha delivers in-person and virtually. She’s culturally sensitive, understanding that different audiences respond better to different examples, analogies, and stories.

Her talks are super-engaging and highly interactive, as Doneisha loves involving her audiences through polls, Q&As, and chats. She likes to call her speeches ‘conversations’ and, because of the high levels of customization and interplay, no two sessions are identical.

Expect inspiration, interaction, and insight!

Signature Keynotes


Pay Equity for Black and Latina Women

Black and Latina women are not projected to reach pay parity with white men until 2133 and 2220, respectively. The intersection of race, ethnicity, and gender bias threatens the economic advancement of Black and Latina Women.

Black HERstory: The Legacy of Black Women Disrupting the Legal System

Black women have played a very unique and important role in the legal system throughout history. Generations of Black women have fought on multiple fronts from the abolition of slavery, to suffrage, to ending segregation, to civil rights. Hundreds of years prior to Charlotte E. Ray becoming the first Black female attorney in the US in 1872, Black women blazed a path demanding justice and fighting for freedom.


Black women today continue to carry this torch and still play an important role in the legal system despite only being 2% of all American lawyers. Learn about how Black women have catalyzed social change for themselves, their families, each other, and everyone.

History of Housing Discrimination and Segregation

Learn how historic housing discrimination contributes to racial inequities today. Lower Black homeownership and the racial wealth gap are byproducts of systemic racism, segregation, red-lining and more.

Salary Negotiations Workshop

Attendees of this salary negotiation workshop will gain the skills and confidence needed to successfully negotiate their salary and benefits packages without compromising their personal needs.

The gap in pay rates between men and women has had a tremendous impact on the American economy for many years. Even though many companies have been moving towards minimizing pay disparities based on gender and race, women are still being paid less than their white male counterparts in the same jobs.

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